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Katherine Ingebrigtson

Head Coach

Coach Katherine has been with the PA Pikes since September, 2018. She began swimming around the age of 9 with her home club, Winnipeg Synchro. Katherine was a team member of Team Manitoba, and has competed across Canada with the sport. She has been coaching for over 15 years, and is certified in Competition Development. Katherine loves building strong teams, and pushing her athletes to achieve their personal bests. Katherine is also a certified Level 2 Judge in the sport.

Jody Harkness


Jody is not only one of the club's spectacular Master's swimmers, but she is also a certified Competition Intro coach. Jody loves swimming and coaching, and is a huge asset to the PA Pikes.

Chloe Lysitza

Junior Coach - Age Group

Chloe has been a PA Pike for a number of years now, and enjoys the challenge of the sport. She is an an accomplished athlete, having competed at the 2018 Sask Winter Games. In coaching, she enjoys seeing the development of athletes, and looks forward to seeing the club grow in the coming years. Chloe is currently in training as a Competition Intro coach.

Nicole Penner

Junior Coach - Mermaids Program

Nicole was one of the first athletes of the Prince Albert Pikes! She's been involved in the sport since the club began, and loves artistic swimming because it helps athletes gain confidence. She is an accomplished athlete, having competed at the 2019 Sask Winter Games. She is looking forward to the new athletes joining the club and helping them develop their skills both in and out of the water. Nicole is currently in training as a Competition Intro coach.