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2019 Provincial Champions


Gold Medal for Pikes at CPC!

This past weekend in Regina, the PA Pikes placed first in the Novice Team Free event, to bring home the gold medal. 

They were competing against teams from Alberta and Newfoundland to claim the title. 

All athletes swam well in the Figures, Solo and Duet events as well. 

We are Pike Proud of you, girls!


2019 Provincial Champions

At the 2019 Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming Provincial Championships, both our Novices and Masters took home the gold medal in their category team events.

Novice Team - Gold Medal
Reyenna Horner, Anna Liedtke, Shelby Roeddeke, Ana Rodea, Aberdeen Roos, Olivia Schlamp, Harley Taylor

Masters Team - Gold Medal

Dana Gratais, Stacey Franc, Jody Harkness, Liz Hess, Leah Liedtke, Karen Smith, Val Wiser, Verla

11-12 Solo - 6th Place

Ana Rodea

13-15 Duet - 6th Place

Reyenna Horner & Anna Liedtke 

Novice Figures - 3rd Place

Olivia Schlamp

Novice Figures - 6th Place

Aberdeen Roos

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