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Everything you've wanted to know about joining Artistic Swimming


What is Synchronized Swimming/Artstic Swimming?

Recently, FINA (the international governing body of aquatic sports) changed the name of the sport officially to Artistic Swimming.

Highly trained High Performance athletes make synchronized swimming look effortless. In fact, this demanding sport requires strength, endurance, flexibility, grace and artistry, and exceptional breath control.

Synchro athletes develop coordination, strength, agility, power and grace. Through teamwork, they develop self-discipline and self-confidence. Athletes of the sport have holistic training in so many different sports and activities; including speed swimming, diving, dance, gymnastics & acrobatics, weight training, Pilates and yoga, cardio, musical development, acting, stage-performance.  Synchro has it all!

Synchro swimmers work in teams of 4-10 swimmers of a similar age and ability range and learn a choreographed and acrobatic dance in the water from their coach.

Synchronized swimming is a judged sport. The performance is judged on two marks: Technical Merit and Artistic Impression.  Athletes also compete individually in front of a panel of judges to perform 4 randomly selected figures at every competition.

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What kind of gear will I (or my athlete) need to participate?

Good question! Each athlete will need to come to practice armed with:

  • A basic bathing suit (pretty tight fitting)

  • 2-3 pairs of noseclips

  • A pair of goggles

  • 2-3 bathing caps (they do rip from time to time, so it's always good to bring extras)

  • A towel

  • Water bottle

  • Snack (for longer practices)

  • Athletic clothing and a yoga mat for land practices 

How many hours a week will my athlete practice?

This depends on the age category and commitment that they have signed up for. Groups practice as little as 1.5 hours a week, and as much as 10 hours a week.

What are we working towards?

Artistic Swimming is the perfect opportunity for young athletes to grow. It encompasses many different aspects, but a few of our favourites are:

  • Teamwork

  • Sense of community

  • Body awareness and confidence

  • Connect with other athletes from across the province

  • Physical fitness both in and out of the water

  • Chance to express yourself artistically with music and choreography

  • Importance of fuelling your body properly and taking care of it both physically and mentally

For our Age Group athletes, there are a number of competition weekends that we will attend outside of Prince Albert (a weekend in November, March, April and May).

At the end of each year we host a water show for the city of Prince Albert to come and see how far we've come.

What does a practice look like? 

All of our practices combine different aspects of:

  • On land training (cardio, strength and flexibility)

  • Stroke correction (think swimming lessons, but we move a bit faster!)

  • In the water basics (learning about your core, centre of gravity and alignment)

  • Artistic movement (learning routines that we work on perfecting all season)

How many atheletes are on each team?

In Artistic Swimming, there are events for 1 person (solo), 2 people (duet), 3 people (trio), and teams (4-10 people).

Sounds fun! How much does it cost to join? 

All of our programs can be found on the Programs page, along with the number of practices per week for each group.

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